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Uni-Turf sports surfaces

uniturf logo final qualityPRODUCT INFO BUTTON copyUni-Turf is a high-quality embossed material that is used as a surface for sports halls, cricket schools, tennis centres and athletics halls. It is resilient, non-reflective, tough, long-lasting and safe. Uni-Turf, the result of extensive research into producing a product with the ideal balance between cushioning, support and resilience, requires little maintenance – a regular detergent wet wash. Should the Uni-Turf surface become damaged or worn out as a result of heavy traffic, it can be remedied simply replacing the damaged section with a new one within a matter of hours. Additional court markings are completed speedily with a line-paint specially developed for Uni-Turf surfaces.  Uni-Turf conforms to specific sporting code standards.